Geneva High School hosts concert to raise money for FBLA.

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GENEVA, Ala. (WTVY) -- Geneva High School students are getting real-world business experiences. It's being done in their business class through a program called Reach and Teach. One of the components was a concert they hosted.

You could find students at Geneva High School dressed a little differently Tuesday, that's because of an event called "Rock the G" featuring the Velcro Pygmies.

"So there's going to be a bunch of kids in this gym that are in 25 years going to be saying oh yeah my very first rock concert was a Velcro Pygmies in the gym at school," lead singer, Cameron Flener said.

"Rock the G," a rock concert fundraiser for Future Business Leaders of America's, led by Geneva High School students taking Mrs. Metz business class.

"Many of them have never experienced a concert let alone a rock concert so this is going to be fun and exciting. And it being homecoming week that was my goal to have energy the week of homecoming and experience for the kids that they will remember for a lifetime," said business teacher/career tech director, Wendy Metz.

Reach and Teach, is a nonprofit educational program works with students nationally, to plan, promote, and execute a concert on their school campus.

"Students get to work with real industry professionals, not just the Velcro Pygmies, but production and industry professionals and financial industry and different things like that. So we always try to create those industry partnerships so that the students are getting real-world experience but they're also learning from real professionals," said April Clark the Executive Director/Co-Founder of Reach and Teach.

In this case, students got a hands-on experience with the Velcro Pygmies, one of the four bands that work with Reach and Teach.

Their goal - to spread a positive message to everyone who attends.

"We want to send these kids out of this gymnasium with an experience that they're going to talk about something that will be long-lasting because people remember their first everything," Flener said.

And their performance meant even more to the students...

"It's pretty special for them to come here to little old Geneva High School and rock out and have fun," student, Clayton Dunn said.

"Were happy to have them here, it means a lot especially for us," student, Abbie Grace McDaniels said.

More than half of the school's students attended the event.

The school raised $2,500, which will go towards the Future Business Leaders of America.

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