Geneva High School gets field ready for football

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GENEVA, Ala (WTVY) - Geneva High School's football season is just days away.

They've been working on their field all summer, and folks are wondering if it will be finished in time for the first home game.

"It's all going to get done,” said Head Coach Les Sanders. “We just got to be patient."

Patience is a virtue when it comes to Geneva’s new football stadium.

Work began on the field back in May after some old pipes underneath the field started causing sinkholes.

Progress has been made at a steady pace, but it's getting down to the wire with the season starting next Friday.

All the rain this summer has held up some parts of the construction like laying cement and working on the dirt part of the field.

Fortunately for the Geneva Panthers, they start the season with three away games - which will give the construction crews a few more weeks.

Although it looks far from being complete, administrators say it's a lot closer to completion than meets the eye.

"The final closure of it I think will come quickly,” said Interim Superintendent Paul Curtis. “Once you get the grass down and the blocks laid, you'll start seeing the stadium cooking and I think it'll go fast."

One of the main concerns with whether or not the stadium will be finished in time is the sod.

It will need a few weeks for shallow roots to establish, which means they've got to get it down sooner rather than later.

Other crews are also working on putting up new lights and installing the bleachers, which will be aluminum instead of the old concrete.

For Head Football Coach Les Sanders, the football season isn't about the field, it's about the team.

"With football starting up last week, it's a full-fledged go, so my attention has really been on that more than anything else,” said Sanders.

The Panthers have a practice field on the other side of campus, so working on the field all summer didn't interfere with preparations for the season.

Geneva's first home game is scheduled for September 14th, which gives the crews about a month to finish up.

If they don’t finish in time, the team will play the game away and make it up with an addition home game next season.

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