Geneva County Jail construction experiences numerous delays; projected to be complete in May

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GENEVA, Ala. (WTVY) -- Work has been ongoing on the new Geneva County Jail since the summer of 2018.

Construction workers put up with rain while working on the Geneva County Jail. Rain has been the biggest reason the project wasn't completed on time. (Source: WTVY)

It was supposed to be completed in December, but that didn't happen.

Monday the county commission heard from the contractor, Bear Brothers Construction.

His general tone was pretty disappointed.

He explained that they had 48 weather days in just the past three and a half months, really holding up the work.

Even more so, they had a delay from a subcontractor called Coreslab Structures.

Coreslab Structures was in charge of laying metal planks, but got caught up with other jobs, and set the project back 60 days.

The county is now considering using liquidated damages, or L-D's, to recoup some of the money lost during the delay.

"It's a tough road,” said Jon D. Hilyer, President of Bear Brothers Construction. “If liquidated damages were assessed by the owner, would we be able to recoup dollar for dollar? I don't think so. We would try to and hope so, but unfortunately, attorneys get involved and you spend as much money fighting. There's no cut and dry."

The county intends on holding Bear Brothers Construction accountable for every day late the project is completed.

The jail is costing just under $1500 a day, and they are already two months past the projected completion date.

Bear Brothers has made a point not to pay Coreslab Structures a single cent yet because of the delay they caused.

The county commission is estimating the delay expense to be north of $200,000 before weather days are accounted for.

Bear Brothers Construction predicts the jail will be complete by the end of May, five months late.

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