Geneva County Jail ahead of schedule

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GENEVA, Ala. (WTVY) -- A new jail in Geneva County will bring new technology and more space for inmates.

Sheriff Tony Helms said that the new jail is ahead of schedule and should be done by mid-January of next year.

The location will continue to make it easy for inmate transport for things like court appearances.

The addition will also come with new technology. For example, employees will be transitioning from keys to computers. Allowing workers to turn lights, showers, and open doors all with a simple touch of a screen.

Sheriff Helms said that a lot of the new ideas have come from talking with others.

"We incorporated a lot of what those sheriff's said into our design here and like I said some of these same commissioners are the ones that traveled with us to go and look at these other jails and I'm glad we did," Geneva County Sheriff Tony Helms said.

Tony Helms and his staff, as well as Geneva County Commissioners, visited multiple jails to incorporate new ideas into the construction of the new jail.

The new jail will also house 160 inmates but there will be room for expansion and overflow if needed.

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