Geneva 4th grader published in Highlights magazine

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(PR) — The November 2017 issue of Highlights published a riddle from 9-year-old Reagan Pettis in its “Riddles” section. Reagan, the child of Stacie Pettis, is a fourth grader at Mulkey Elementary. She enjoys playing softball, archery and going to church. Reagan wants to be a psychical therapist when she grows up.

Reagan's riddle asks "How far can a fox run into the woods?" Highlight below for the answer.

Answer: Halfway. After that it is running out of the woods.

Each year, Highlights readers send the magazine more than 35,000 submissions. The magazine selects work by boys and girls of all ages and from many different places in the world. Reagan was one of only 42 children chosen for the November 2017 issue. By showcasing a representative sample of all the work, Highlights hopes to foster children’s creativity.

Devoted to “Fun with a Purpose” for 70 years—Highlights for Children, Inc. has helped children become their best selves—creative, curious, confident and caring. Its flagship publication, Highlights magazine, the most recognizable and widely read children’s magazine in the nation, printed its one-billionth copy in June 2006.

If other children want to submit their work to be considered for publication in future Highlights issues, please visit for more information on the guidelines and details for submission.

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