GTECH gives students a head start on their future

Published: Jan. 30, 2020 at 5:42 PM CST
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Do you know the basic skills to save a life? High school students in the GTECH health science program certainly do. GTECH students started their round of clinical's this week....

The students in the health science program at GTECH learn a variety of things that prepare them for their future. Such as CPR, vital signs and a variety of the basic nursing skills.

The Wiregrass Medical Center partners with the Geneva Regional Career Tech Center to introduce students to the medical field.

"Well it's always been something I've been passion for as far as young kids, young people getting into health care careers because I have two daughters that are in healthcare and if it had not been for them being able to see what I did everyday they may have not of chosen that career path," Jeff Brannon, CEO Wiregrass Medical Center said.

Since GTECH originated 3 years ago.... The health science program has been offered to junior and seniors at Geneva County, Geneva, Samson and Slocomb.

"I've been a nurse for 13 years and I love sharing my passion for healthcare with high school students. I do want my students to understand there is opportunities here in our own community that they can have a whole career here as a nurse or whatever type of healthcare they want to go into," Bridgett White, GTECH health science instructor said.

Students in the program not only get college credit through ESCC but a head start on their future careers.>

"It's a great opportunity, you get to first see hand on things and learn more than if you were in a classroom. It's a privilege, were very lucky to have this, very fortunate. I have what I need to prepare myself to be able to go to college and be successful in college," GTECH health science program students said.

Giving students the chance to see if this is really what they want to do.....

"If you think you want to do something, you don't really know a lot about it so then you go into that field and you change your mind. But this you get to go in to that field ad know right away if you want to do it or not, Kaylyn Kersey, senior at Samson High School said.

Helping students reach their long-term goals.

"I have students that contact me all the time that came through our program just so appreciative, you know they had a head start on their career choice. Or they'll come by and say I got hired as this or I'm going to college to do this and it's so great to hear that and what an impact GTECH is on our little small community," White said.

There are 28 students in the health science program at GTECH this year and the 7 seniors get to take part in clinical's the second semester of the school year.

For students interested in the program there will be an open house at GTECH February 6th at 5pm.