Ft. Rucker's new elementary school nearing completion.

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FORT RUCKER, Ala. (WTVY) -- Awe came across parents’ faces as they got a tour of the new elementary school on Fort Rucker.

Edmund W. Rucker Elementary School

"I want to start elementary school again," Parent and school board member Jennifer Cruse said.

The previous school was built in the early 1960s and after more than half a century, students will have a state of the art school.

The $45,000,000 project makes the school one of the top schools in the Wiregrass.

It will have compost for students to garden, a windmill for energy efficiency and solar panels just to name a few.

"Our soldiers sacrifice so much time and they sacrifice in some cases even their lives and so its efforts to ensure that our military connected children have the best educational opportunity that they can possibly have," Community Superintendent Lisa Coleman said.

Military families who live outside of Fort Rucker cannot go to school on post.

This new school will give more families a reason to stay.

"To know that she'll have an education here on post, this is a huge incentive this is a vastly different than what is happening in the towns around Fort Rucker," Cruse said.

Right now pre-k through 2nd grade are at the primary school and 3rd through 6 are here at the village once the new school year starts every student on Fort Rucker will be here.

The temporary village is at a different location forcing the students to be bused or driven there until the new school is complete.

“Our village site, our temporary site is not in housing anymore so I'm looking forward to being back in the community so that our kids can ride their bikes and walk to school like they used to,” Principal Vicki Gilmer said. “We really have a facility now that hones in on those things that we’re trying to teach kids, so we've got the great kids we've got the great teachers and now we have the great facility as well."

The school will be completed in April and will be ready for students next school year.

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