Friends bond over the latest Star Wars film

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DOTHAN, Ala. (WTVY) - Star Wars fans came out in full force for Thursday night's premiere of "The Last Jedi."

"I have this philosophy, if you can't go out and do ridiculous and embarrassing things with your friends, then they're not your real friends," says Carter Mann.

High schoolers Carter and his best friend, Lowry Edge, staked their claim in line at noon Thursday with 13 classmates and two teachers in tow to see the long-anticipated movie.

"Our friends we just get together, and do stuff like this all the time, and dress up and go all out,” says Lowry.

But, the costumes are a family affair.

"Me and actually my grandmother, Gammie, I couldn't have done it without her,” says Carter. “She's a seamstress and she's amazing. But, basically this is all DIY stuff. It took us about 12-16 hours to put it together.”

Though it's finals week for these seniors at Providence Christian, they couldn't miss out on the newest installment of their beloved series.

"It's such a huge universe and has so many different areas and characters that explore so many different parts of life that everybody can find someone they can really relate to and live a story through,” says Carter.

With graduation nearing, Lowry and Carter know how special nights like Thursday are.

"I think it's just great fellowship especially as we're all going away, some of us are going to different colleges,” says Lowry. “And so, it's just so fun for us to all get together and hang out and have a mutual bond over something."

Lowry and Carter are headed to different colleges next fall: Lowry to the University of Alabama, and Carter to Auburn. So, whether you're an Alabama or Auburn fan, Storm Trooper or Jedi-- friendship knows no dark side.

"Hey! We're rivals, but best friends,” insists Lowry.” So, it's perfect."

“Star Wars: The Last Jedi” will have many showings in both standard and 3D at both Dothan theaters through the weekend and into next week.

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