Free Rosetta Stone offered at Ozark-Dale County Library

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OZARK, Ala. (WTVY) -- French, Spanish, Portuguese, German.

You can get much more than books from the Ozark-Dale County Library these days.

Now, you can learn a new language.

"I wanted to start off with French and then maybe we'll go to Swahili and then probably Japanese or Chinese."

Laytaeanna Smith is excited by the possibility of learning a new language.

"We had this in high school, but I didn't want to be pressured and have to get grades for it," Smith said.

And now thanks to a free Rosetta Stone program at the Ozark-Dale County Library, Laytaeanna can learn a myriad of languages at her own pace.

That's the reason why I decided to do this instead of doing it in high school," Smith said.

Meanwhile, Jeffrey Devine did take foreign language in high school and college.

But with few friends to speak with in Spanish, he's become a bit rusty.

"It's been several years ago and so now it's great for me personally because now I can actually refresh my skills and brush up on it, and possible learn a few more languages," Devine said.

Lucky for the both of them, it's super simple to sign up!

"The requirements to be able to use this service is to have a library card with us, and essentially just show up in the building at least one time to get your username and log-in," said I.T. Specialist for the Ozark-Dale County Library, Andrew Godeke.

You'll also need to be a Dale County resident or work in the county, and have a computer or a mobile device to access the program, which can be used even when you're off-line.

"And then after that, you can go home and use it as much as you want and learn the languages. Over $10,000 worth of language packs available to you for free in over 30 different languages," Godeke said.

But it's about more than being able to converse in another language.
Being multi-lingual could give Dale County residents opportunities they may not have had otherwise.

"When they're given the tools people will absolutely use those tools, but sometimes it's just that lack of availability of those tools that keeps everything stagnant. So, we here at the library kind of believe that when people are given the correct tools that they will absolutely go out and use those tools to their full advantage," Godeke said.

And you can't put a price on that.

If you don't live or work in Dale County, you can still take advantage of the Rosetta Stone program.

You'll just have to pay $15 a year to sign up.

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