Foster Fest fight prompts new safety measures

DOTHAN, Ala. (WTVY) -- When it's Foster Fest, you can count on big crowds, and last week, some of those people got out of line.

A fight broke out at last Friday’s Foster Fest, resulting in the arrests of two adults and seven juveniles.

"There were a couple of incidences that occurred on Friday night that were handled very quickly and professionally by the police department on site,” DDRA Executive Director Jamie Bienvenu explained.

Organizers want to make sure it doesn’t happen again.

"The DDRA's top priority is the safety and fun of the festival-goers that come to our events downtown,” Bienvenu continued, “We work very closely with the Dothan Police Department as well as the fire department, which we've always done since the beginning of the event."

On Wednesday, the DDRA and police worked on a plan to increase security.

"We did resolve quite a few issues,” Dothan Chief of Police Steve Parrish said. “We had a room full of people that had some great ideas, and some of those ideas we're going to implement as early as our next Foster Fest."

The DDRA is also stepping up.

"Increase some of the security that we have on staff as well as the city officials designate more police officers on site and increasing the presence there as well as increasing video surveillance and some undercover agents as well on site,” Bienvenu listed off some of the changes.

However, the DDRA also wants people that attend Foster Fest to do their part to make the event enjoyable for everyone.

"If you have children coming out, make sure you're being diligent and supervising them. That's always a great thing,” Bienvenu said. “We just want it to continue to be a safe fun family atmosphere and if everybody does their part, we shouldn't have any problems in the future."

In addition to these new safety measures, there will also be new events for kids at next month’s event.

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