Fort Rucker honors 9/11 victims with special event

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343 firefighters lost their lives on 9/11 and today Fort Rucker honored them in a special way - with a stair climb.

Firefighters, members of the armed forces, and those who serve everyday to protect us, came to honor those who lost their lives after the twin tower attacks. And this 9/11 stair climb was a way to experience what rescuers faced that day

"So we don't forget, it's so easy in today's environment, whether its the pace we all live at to forget the guys who made the ultimate sacrifice. To remind everybody here that were going to be here whatever that call is were going to answer it," Bradley Taylor, firefighter at Fort Rucker said.

More than 40 Fort Rucker firefighters volunteered to participate in the stair climb - climbing 110 flights of stairs to symbolize what New York firefighters did during 9/11.

"I chose to participate because since I was in middle school when the towers were attacked I felt it was my opportunity to do something good for the country. I enlisted 2005, I've been loving it ever since," fire team chief at Fort Rucker, Christopher Pickering said.

The climb started at 8:46am with the ringing of the bell to represent when the North tower was hit. Ending at 9:59am when the South tower collapsed.

And when asked how it felt to participate.....

"It was ten times more emotional than what is going on right now of course were all heart felt, were tired, were worn out from climbing the stairs but nowhere even close. And I just wish I could've been there that day to do my part," Sgt. Carlos Whitehead, Fort Rucker Policeman said.

Many employees came to encourage and cheer on these men and one woman. But they understand during an emergency they won't have that crowd behind them.

"That station went to work just like I did this morning watching the sun come up and answered a call at the end of breakfast. And that was the end of it for them going home to their families. And that's something that we all have to think about, consider and accept everyday that's a potential," Taylor said.

This is the 4th year that the fire department at Fort Rucker has hosted the 9/11 memorial stair climb.

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