Former police officer appeals prostituion solicitation conviction

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Dothan (WTVY)-- Ashford’s former assistant police chief is appealing his recent conviction for soliciting prostitution from a teenage girl.

Ashford Assistant Police Chief Clint Williams leaves Houston County Courthouse during a recess of his trial in this November 7, 2017 photo.

Clint Ivey Williams, 38, was found guilty by a judge November 7, received a 12-month suspended sentence and placed on probation. He was immediately terminated from his job.

Following conviction, Williams claimed he was the victim of a witch hunt by the Houston County Sheriff’s Office. During trial, sheriff’s Investigator Jason Grantham testified the mother of a 17-year old girl became concerned about the relationship between her daughter and Williams. Grantham said, using the girl’s phone, he exchanged dozens of Facebook messages with Williams while posing as the girl.

Per Grantham’s testimony, Williams offered $400 to pay the teen’s outstanding traffic tickets and purchase marijuana in exchange for sex. Defense Attorney Doug Bates disputed the claim saying no specific promises were made. Williams was acquitted of allegations he furnished marijuana to the girl in exchange for sexual favors.

A court filing Tuesday indicates Williams posted a $10,000 appeal bond but doesn’t specify grounds for his appeal that is headed to the Alabama Court of Criminal Appeals.

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