Ford F-150 still America's best selling vehicle

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(NBC News Channel) - Ford's F-150 remains America's best selling vehicle.

According to Kelley Blue Book's list of the most popular vehicles sold in each state - based on new car registrations in 2016 - Ford's F-Series remains the most popular overall.

But, not in every state.

More than ten states choose SUVs over pickups.

And compact cars are the top picks in California, Ohio, Florida, Washington D.C. And Puerto Rico.

Most popular vehicles sold in each state based on new car registrations in 2016:
Alaska: F150
Alabama: F150
Arkansas: Sierra 1500
California: Civic
Colorado: Outback
Connecticut: Rogue
Washington, D.C.: Civic
Delaware: Silverado 1500
Florida: Corolla
Georgia: F150
Hawaii: Tacoma
Iowa: Silverado 1500
Idaho: F150
Illinois: CR-V
Indiana: Silverado 1500
Kansas: F150
Kentucky: F150
Louisiana: F150
Massachusetts: RAV4
Maryland: CR-V
Maine: Silverado 1500
Michigan: Escape
Minnesota: F150
Missouri: F150
Mississippi: F150
Montana: F150
North Carolina: Accord
North Dakota: F150
Nebraska: F150
New Hampshire: Silverado 1500
New Jersey: CR-V
New Mexico: F150
Nevada: RAV4
New York: Rogue
Ohio: Civic
Oklahoma: F150
Oregon: Outback
Pennsylvania: CR-V
Puerto Rico: Yaris
Rhode Island: RAV4
South Carolina: F150
South Dakota: F150
Tennessee: F150
Texas: F150
Utah: F150
Virginia: CR-V
Vermont: RAV4
Washington: Outback
Wisconsin: Silverado 1500
West Virginia: Silverado 1500
Wyoming: F150

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