Food, music, and fireworks at Freedom Fest

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FORT RUCKER, Ala. (WTVY) -- The fourth of July kicked off a day early for some people in the Wiregrass.

Freedom Fest at Fort Rucker included activities from climbing in helicopters to food vendors to inflatables for kids and fireworks.

Every year Fort Rucker goes all out for America's birthday.

"It’s an amazing event we have all our soldiers and families," said Janice Erdlitz, MWR Marketing Director.

"A lot of our veterans love to come back to the community to participate, a lot of our retirees and you know everyone knows a soldier."

The food, rides, and music filled Fort Rucker's festival fields Wednesday night.

For those who have not experienced freedom fest Erdlitz says it's a festival like no other.

"Getting to spend Independence Day with them is just a wonderful experience," said Erdlitz.

"We have an amazing fireworks show tons of Vendors and activities. Anytime you can celebrate on a military installation. It’s just something extra just really pulls at those patriotic feelings everyone likes to share."

For Captain David Alexander he says it's a highlight of his year.

“Fourth of July has always been one of my favorite holidays," said Captain Alexander, Fox Company Commander.

"Just celebrating our country’s independence it’s a great country to be a part of no matter what anybody else says just celebrating a birthday party. The community gets to come out. They get to climb out on the helicopters look at them and we just get to show the kids what’s in the helicopter.”

Breshawna Hamilton has been coming to the festival for 15 year, and it's a tradition she plans to continue.

“I came from a military family so it’s really nice to come out here with all the family’s and hang out and see people that have been around the area,” said Breshawna Hamiliton, Festival Goer.

While everyone enjoys different parts of the festival, one thing is clearly the fan favorite.

“The fireworks,” said Brittany Mims, Festival Goer.

“The fireworks and the food yeah,” said Hamilton.

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