Hurricane Michael hero rescues animals during the storm

Published: Oct. 18, 2018 at 4:49 PM CDT
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"We're not lucky, we're blessed...give credit where credit is due," says Aydlette.

Meet Robin Aydlette…a volunteer at Partners for Pets who risked her own life to save animals through Hurricane Michael.

Robin Aydlette, Volunteer for Partners for Pets, says "The first tree that fell by the shelter, it nipped the side and totally missed it. So, I was excited. I went out there and I video-taped and I'm like "Praise God! This tree fell and it missed the shelter."

"The one tree crashed through the shelter and I'm thinking to myself..."Oh my gosh, what would Ellen DeGeneres do?"

“Everybody knows because she's all into animal charity that Ellen DeGeneres would run out in the storm during the eye of the storm that's been going on for on, and on, and on...and she'd get those animals."

Not one, not two, but three trees fell on the kennels and Robin worked by herself throughout the hurricane to get those animals to safety.

"I got very, very scared...not scared of dying, but scared of a tree falling and hitting me," says Aydlette.

After rescuing four dogs from the shelter…Robin waited for the rain and the wind to cease.

"They said that this was going to be a fast moving storm. If you're going through it, it's like taking forever, and ever, and ever," says Aydlette.

Doing what they can with what they have…more help is needed.

"We need manpower, we need women-power...we need all the help we can get," replied Aydlette.

Debbie O'Quinn, Manager for Partners for Pets, says "We're asking people to continue bringing water and food because we're on city water here but it's just a bare trickle."

"We got this single mom and her four kids that come every single day to help us and them individually, on a leash, walk these dogs," says Aydlette.

Robin says this is not last time she would risk her life to save an animals'.

"I don't like, I'm just teasing. That's the best high in the world! I don't drink. I don't do drugs. I don't smoke...oh my gosh!" says Aydlette.