Florida voters are confused by bundled amendments on the ballot

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GRACEVILLE, Fla. (WTVY) - What do off-shore drilling and vaping have in common?

Or first responder benefits and the state college structure?

There doesn't seem to be much common ground, but each share amendments on the Florida ballot.

The Florida Constitution Revision Commission meets once every 20 years to review the State Constitution and proposes changes for voters.

They agreed a number of different issues should be combined into just eight amendments on the ballot.

Alice Pate came out to a voting precinct in Graceville to campaign for her husband Clint, who's running for re-election to the Jackson County Commission.

"I think it's very confusing for the average person,” said Pate. “What does off shore drilling have to do with vaping? Well, it doesn't, and unless you read the whole amendment, there could be things in there that you don't see and don't realize that's added into that amendment."

Alice Pate is talking about amendment nine, and then there's amendment seven, which addresses expanding death benefits for first responders and also requiring supermajority vote to raise fees at public colleges

If you vote yes to one, you're voting yes to the other.
"People say, 'I'm not sure what to do, so I'm just not going to go this time,’" said Pate.

WTVY caught up with some voters right after they finished, and they weren't too sure what they had been looking at.

Anthony Severson/Jackson County Voter
"Some of them are completely unrelated, so I have no idea why they're put into the same category, but, it is what it is,” said Jackson County voter Anthony Severson.

Trey White/Jackson County Voter
"If they put just one amendment, they may not be able to pass the amendment all together, so that probably gives them a reason to jumble it all up," said Jackson County voter Trey White.

Another voter is just relieved it will be another 20 years before he'll have to see a new set of bundled amendments.

Stacy Bryant/Jackson County Voter
"Let them meet in another 20 years because I think some people are going to be confused by those bundled amendments,” said Jackson County voter Stacy Bryant. “I really do."

Florida has 13 amendments on the ballot, and 8 of them are bundles.

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