Florida lottery businesses worried about possible Alabama lottery

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CAMPBELLTON, FL. (WTVY) - Alabama is one of just five states where the lottery is not legal and with Republican State Senator Jim McClendon pushing to pass two bills…stores selling lottery tickets along the Alabama/Florida state line could be in jeopardy.

Sheila Rushin, Store Manager at Fortune Liquors & Lotto, says “We've only been here, going on, three years. We're progressing and doing well. We're satisfied that we're climbing, making an impression to the community, and contributing back to the state."

Under McClendon's bill, money from the Alabama lottery would be split evenly between the state's education and general fund budgets.

Avis Peterson, Store Manager at Lotto Discount Liquors, says "The majority of our customers are from Alabama. If they can keep the money in their state to help their communities and the state itself ... that's fine."

The first bill would amend the state constitution to allow for a lottery. The second bill would outline the framework of how the state would administer a lottery.

"The people of Alabama want a lottery...so, most people do gamble and they go wherever the gambling is at," replied Rushin.

McClendon said his legislation would allow Alabamians to play a "clean" lottery…meaning no casinos, no card games, and no table games of any kind.

"I'm sure that we will sit down, see what we need to do, and we'll take action to draw our crowd back," said Rushin.

"We're right here on the line you know, there's plenty of money to go around but I don't really think it'll affect us that much because they're still going to come down here and play," said Peterson.

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