Families still in need 8 months after Category 5 hurricane

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MARIANNA, Fla. (WTVY) -- As people in the Panhandle work to rebuild after Hurricane Michael, leaders of area nonprofits, relief agencies, and government officials are joining forces in Marianna.

There are still blue tarps on houses eight months after Hurricane Michael and even with the billion-dollar disaster bill signed into action this month families are trying to get back on their feet after losing everything

"Some dreams come true and some dreams you have to re-dream it and replan it," said Kim Morgan Bell, Hurricane Michael Survivor.

Kim’s dream - gone - when Hurricane Michael left nothing but a barber chair. She had just painted the walls and was in the process of renewing her business license when the storm took off the roof and turned the salon in a pile of rubble.

"I have to have a income to even get chainsaws and get my tractor moved so I can go on with life," said Bell.

Her home - also damaged - but she was determined not to give up.

"I had to get off of my butt and go out into Marianna and find people that could help me, I couldn't sit here," said Bell.

She has been looking for help since October - and ended up at the conference.

"We didn't expect people from the community to show up, however, I think it's pretty good," said Kevin Yoder, Chairman of the North Florida Inland Long Term Recovery Group.

Good for Kim who hasn't found too many answers so far.

"There is no quick funding, but to help our communities recover it's going to be a long process but we are committed," said Yoder.

Now, Kim will be matched with a disaster relief case manager - her own personal advocate.

"They will talk with them with their process with FEMA and what their options are and work with them with what their options are," said Yoder.

And for Kim, a chance to live her dream again.

"Hopefully they will come and help me; I pray to God that they will help me," said Bell.

WTVY NEWS was told the case manager will be following up with Kim Bell as she works on rebuilding.

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