Florida House Speaker forms select committee in response to Irma

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FLORIDA -- (WTVY) That's why he's forming a select committee on hurricane response and preparedness.
He made the announcement today in Tallahassee, making the point while the state's response hasn't been bad, it could have been a lot better.
Specifically, he's taking issue with those widespread fuel shortages, both as people were trying to evacuate and then again when they were trying to drive back home.
At one point, around 13 million Floridians were without power. In many areas, it's taken a long time to get the lights back on.
Some shelters were so full, they had to turn people away.
And we all know the story of that sweltering nursing home; Eight seniors wound up dying.
Corcoran says all of that will come before this new committee.
"Why does a state in the richest country in the world, third largest, why don't we have a significant gas reserve in the central part of the state so that that's not an issue moving forward for our citizens? We've seen, obviously, that almost a third of our state was without power for some period of time. What can we do to move forward?"
When it comes to things like building a gas reserve and burying power lines, big money could be required.
Corcoran says lawmakers can find that money if they have the courage to eliminate what he calls 'pork funding' in the state budget.
The speaker's still not saying if there will have to be a special legislative session devoted to funding Irma recovery efforts.
But he is telling house members to be prepared to return to Tallahassee.

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