Florida Forest Service and the Arbor Day Foundation Celebrate Florida Arbor Day with Tree Giveaway

MARIANNA, Ala. (WTVY) -- It's the third Friday in January, and that means Arbor Day in Florida.

The Arbor Day Foundation, and the Florida Forest Service teamed up to give away 200, one-gallon potted trees, and 500 seedlings, in Marianna Friday morning.

Dozens of people lined up outside in the rain at Chipola College to get their hands on the trees, and in less than a half-hour, all 700 of the trees were gone.

Hurricane Michael ripped up trees by the roots and snapped others like toothpicks in October.

One forester says he believes people want to see trees in the area, and that's why the giveaway was so popular this year.

"Usually, it takes a couple of hours to give the trees out, but yeah…like i said…in about 15, 20 minutes we were done with them,” said Jackson County Forester, Barry Stafford.

In Panama City, forest service personnel gave away 500, 3-gallon, wind-resistant trees at Florida State University.

There was also a tree-planting on site to help with canopy recovery.

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