Florida Department of State approves election security grant to counties

(AP Photo/Michael Conroy)
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TALLAHASSEE, Fla. (WTVY) -- 55 counties in Florida, including Holmes, Washington, and Jackson Counties, will soon get thousands of dollars to beef up their election security.

The Florida Department of State has approved election security grant applications totaling $2.3 million dollars.

Here’s how much our local election offices will get:
• Holmes County - $1,668
• Jackson County - $8,860
• Okaloosa County - $21,382
• Washington County - $10,606

Secretary of State Laurel M. Lee said, "I commend Supervisors of Elections for working quickly to submit their grant applications so that the Department could approve the funding in a very short time frame.”

This past session, the Florida Legislature allocated an additional $2.8 million for election security that will be available in the upcoming fiscal year for a total of $5.1 million for election security as the state heads into 2020.

The state is now in the process of talking to supervisors of elections to figure out where the weaknesses and vulnerabilities are in their systems and how to fix them.

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