Flea Across America holds special treasure

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CHIPLEY, Fla. (WTVY) -- Flea Across Florida stretches for more than 270-miles, and it runs through Chipley.

Thousands of items are on sale at this attraction for the tristate area.

"Rare, valued about $50 to $100," said Bill Yost, Vendor.

Yost travels hundreds of miles to do what he loves.

"It’s a special piece, a 2015 anniversary, 100-year anniversary jar from Ball," said vendor Bill Yost.

This is his second year. He's from Kentucky, one of 400 vendors in Chipley.

"Nice people here and we did a fair amount of business," said Yost.

The market is along Highway 90 - stretching across the Panhandle.

"It brings a lot of visitors who have never been to Chipley. It brings in about $45,000 every six months and it brings a lot of people back to shop and see the attractions," said Bill Tinsley, T & B Hidden Treasures.

Tinsley says this event attracts customers from all over - and keeps their money local.

"There’s people staying in the motels, eating in the restaurants, buying gasoline here and shopping along the highway," said Tinsley.

Among the hundreds of tents, you'll find everything has a story.

"You want to buy a birdhouse for your homeless bird?" vendor Dave Wynne prompts.

Dave Wynne lost his father less than a month ago. He's in Chipley to share a hobby that bonded them.

"We used to do it together," said Wynne.

Wynne and other vendors say their items are special

"You really can't find them in retail stores," said Wynne.

And for shoppers -

"Taking advantage of everything being in one spot," said Elouise Ward.

This event goes through 5 pm, September 14.

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