On the street with an animal control officer

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DOTHAN, Al. (WTVY) The stray animal problem in Dothan is a constant. That's what we're told by the people who deal with the issue daily. James LeBlanc is a Dothan animal control officer. James loves his job. His job is challenging.

"I like working on the streets, you pick up different things, said LeBlanc.

For James those things are stray animals.

"We have an over population of animals in the Wiregrass and spay and neuter is a key to keeping the stray animals off the streets", said LeBlanc.

He spent years battling the pet population issue.

"I was a vet’s assistant. I would assist the vet. I was her personal assistant in surgery", said LeBlanc.

Now as control officer James answers about 30 calls a day. Mostly its animals roaming the streets of Dothan. Most times they're not spayed and neutered. The animal shelter is bulging.

"If we had spayed and neuter animals in Dothan the stray population would be cut down tremendously", said LeBlanc.

The website do something.org estimates there are nearly three million adoptable animals euthanized each year. Numbers that James LeBlanc says would decrease if people would spay and neuter.

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