Five years ago today, northeast US braces for Sandy

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DOTHAN, Ala. (WTVY) - Five years ago today, the northeast was bracing for a destructive storm with the name of Sandy.

By October 27th, 2012, the storm had already caused damage in Jamaica, Cuba, and The Bahamas, and all flights from major carriers into and out of New York were canceled.

The storm would set a variety of records, including the largest Atlantic hurricane on record with a wind field spanning over a thousand miles in diameter.

When the storm hit New York City on the 29th, Sandy flooded streets and subways, and also caused a large number of people to lose power. I

In all, it caused over 230 deaths and an estimated $70 billion+ in damage, making it one of the costly hurricanes in modern history.

Recovery efforts continued for years and the name Sandy would be retired, replaced with Sara for the 2018 Atlantic Hurricane season.

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