First United Methodist Church of Daleville Rebuilt After Being Destroyed by Fire

Daleville, AL (WTVY) It's been nearly 2 years since the First United Methodist Church in Daleville was destroyed by fire. While it has certainly been a slow rebuilding process, the pastor and congregation never lost their faith.

After more than a year of planning, and months of organization, a piece of Daleville history will soon be returned.

In the heart of Daleville, at the intersection of Daleville Ave. and Highway 134, now stands a 10,000 square foot structure. Soon to be the "new" church home for members of First United Methodist Church.

The church has sat at that same location since the early 1960's and had been a part of the Daleville community since the 1860's.

In the wee hours of the morning on May 18, 2014, a fire gutted the previous building leaving the Pastor and members of the congregation completely at a loss.

But they did not let that hinder them.

"We've never missed a beat as far as having our worship experience," said John Mccollough, Pastor at FUMC.

Since that time, members have made an old oriental grocery store their temporary home.

Pastor John Mccollough says although rebuilding took longer than initially planned, he's proud of the support and faith of the community throughout the transitional period.

"We thought we had it all ready to go.. But there was difficulty with the amount of coverage of some things so it took longer than we had initially anticipated as well" said Mccollough.

Investigators still have not determined the exact cause of the fire, although any sort of electrical malfunction has been overruled.

The case still remains under investigation.

The new church is expected to be open early Fall.