Fireworks sales booming ahead of the 4th of July holiday

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DOTHAN (WTVY) - As the long holiday weekend kicks off, fireworks retailers are anticipating booming business leading up to the 4th. And when it comes to fireworks, a lot of people think the bigger the better.

"The mortars are always going to sell good because that's your big burst in the air, and those you load one in a time in a tube, and so that's way your show lasts longer,” says Greg Ellison, manager of Holiday Fireworks. “But it is more going to the 500 Grand Finales, where you just light the fuse on the outside of the box, and they just go off one right after the other."

Reality T.V. has even made its mark this year.

"Duck Dynasty has come out with fireworks,” says Ellison. “So has the Deadliest Catch stuff on TV. And there's is going really good because the Deadliest Catch stuff is really loud and powerful. We do have swords for kids that they can hold and it shaped just like a sword and it fountains our color.”

Though Georgia made the purchase of fireworks legal just two years ago, Ellison says their Alabama stores still draw out-of-state visitors, looking to get the most bang for their buck.

"People come from Atlanta, Texas, New York… I have people from Germany that shop here,” notes Ellison.

And business has certainly been booming. Independence Day sales produce three times the turnout of other popular holidays like New Year’s Eve; customers have been stockpiling the festive explosives since as early as Memorial Day.

Despite the annual rush, 4th of July sales have taken a small hit from the recent stretch of wet weather.

"We do want it to rain, so that people won't be scared to do fireworks,” says Ellison. “But, when it rains a lot, it does stop people from stopping here."

Though sales are down slightly from last year, Ellison expects traffic to pick up this weekend, and the 4th falling on a Tuesday may actually work in their favor.

"It's gonna be a long 5 day weekend though, so I knew that it was going to be last minute for a lot of people."

As a reminder, shooting fireworks is illegal inside Dothan city limits.

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