Firework Sales.

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DOTHAN Ala.(WTVY)- Fireworks for the New Year has become almost as popular as the 4th of July.

Workers at BJ’s fireworks are cleaning up the shelves after New Year's Eve.

BJ Fireworks Owner Jerry Mixon said, "The last couple of days the last several hours last night before dark people really started to come in we had a great turnout. a lot of family activities a lot of parties' people really excited because we had a break in the weather. "

For those buying fireworks, there is a proper way to set them off and safety is key.

One of those most popular sellers this year was the lock and load.

Firework Specialist James Burnham said, "You'll want to put it on a hard level ground make sure it’s sturdy though and then they come with these artillery shells. They’re going to come with a fuse you're going to pull the fuse out like this make sure it's still attached at the top drop it in the canister right there once you light it get a safe distance away and never look down the tube”

BJ’s Fireworks store has been in business for more than twenty years and the owner says this year sales were good but could have been better.

"I would say this is defiantly the wettest season we ever had considering the weather I think this was a successful year.”

The store will close this weekend but plans to open back up for spring break.

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