Land and homeowners urged to be careful when outdoor burning

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DALE COUNTY, Ala. (WTVY) - Severe drought conditions have not led to more wildfires.
However, the Alabama Forestry Commission is still urging land and homeowners to use caution when burning outside.

Brady Dunn who is a Forestry Specialist with the Alabama Forestry Commission says:
"So it doesn't take but just a little bit to cause a wildfire."

A 25-acre property in Dale County broke out in flames Tuesday afternoon.
It took Dunn and multiple fire units more than an hour, to put it out.
This fire...just one example of what can happen if you don't take the right steps.
Dunn says:
"As spring fire season approaches, we encourage homeowners and landowners whether it be prescribed burning or debris burning to follow the rules and regulations that is set forth and make sure that they have the equipment, man power, and means to control their fires."

Forestry leaders say controlled burns are important to protect people, homes and natural resources.
"Even though we're getting rain today and through this doesn't take but a spark to set off a wildfire so be careful."

Dunn says that if you must burn...know the law.
"The law requires if you're burning over a quarter acre in size, that you're required to have a burn can get that by calling 1-800-392- 5679, you will need your latitude and longitude from the location that you're burning."

And to get to know where and how to find help.
Dunn finishes with:
“Give the local volunteer fire department a call as a courtesy call to let them know you're burning in their coverage area."
And it's also important to not burn on dry days with low humidity.

You can greatly reduce the risk of a wildfire from damaging your home by implementing a few fire prevention activities.
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