Fire breaks out on Thanksgiving, burning apartments

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ENTERPRISE, AL (WTVY) -- All that's left of this Apartment building are the walls and columns supporting it.

A fire early Thanksgiving morning woke up the 15 people living inside.

Enterprise Fire Chief Byron Herring says they got the call at 3:30, and firefighters could see the blaze shortly after they left the station.

He said "The Firefighters on the responding units prior to them getting down main street, which is only a few blocks away from here could see the glow from the apartments before they arrived on the scene."

The four apartments in the building on West Adams street were destroyed.

Arndia Phine lives just across the street and comforted one of her friends who lost his home.

She recalls "It was bad because, like I said, one of the upstairs neighbors who comes over here all the time, and I told him, I said, if you need somewhere to stay or if you need something warm whatever, just come to my house, and I'll give it to you."

Phine says, it's just neighbors helping neighbors.
"Come over, cause we're gonna take care of you, you know, you're our neighbor cause we on the same block, and thats what we do. We look out for everyone thats on the block."

The Red Cross is also helping the families with shelter and basic needs for now.

The Red Cross could not be reached for comment at this time, the families of the building made it out with only a couple of minor injuries.

Chief Herring says they are still looking into what caused the fire.
The Enterprise Fire Department would like to remind people to be extremely careful when it comes to cooking and using space heaters this Winter.

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