Feline mom fends off attacker to rescue her kittens

(WTVY News 4)
Published: Mar. 28, 2018 at 6:03 PM CDT
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It's not Mother's Day yet, but one local mom has already gained attention on social media for her maternal courage.

"She is the mom of the year!” says Mallory Busby, adoption coordinator at Kitty Kottage. “She just loves those babies."

Dothan rescue organization Kitty Kottage specializes in taking care of mama cats and their babies. But one mom in particular has recently stolen their heart.

"A really nice couple brought her in to us on Monday,” says Mallory. “They live out in the country, and they said they heard a cat screeching outside."

It sounded like a cat being attacked. But what greeted them outside was worse than they feared.

"She was in labor giving birth while she was attacked and fought off this predator."

Though the couple isn't sure what kind of animal got hold of the cat-- now named Ophelia-- the predator left the new mom with multiple injuries.

"She had lacerations on her head, and it looked like whatever had her had her head in its mouth,” says Mallory.

But regardless of her pain, Ophelia only cared about the welfare of her seven newborn kittens.

"She fought really hard to protect them,” says Mallory.

Only 2 kittens survived the attack.

"She would not leave those babies,” says Mallory. “She just wanted to make sure they were safe before she cleaned herself up."

Once she found a safe haven at Kitty Kottage, a surprise awaited Ophelia.

"We got a call from one of the local vets around here saying that someone had brought them a newborn kitten,” says Mallory. “And they were asking if they had a mama that could take it in."

Despite her trauma, Ophelia was more than up to the task. So, both mama and kittens are happy and healthy, thanks to a little courage and a whole lot of unconditional love.

"Everyone loves her!"

...Especially her babies.

If you want to help out mama Ophelia and her kittens-- and the rest of the felines at Kitty Kottage-- they are always looking for donations and volunteers.

Don't forget- Kitty Kottage participates in Amazon Smile. If you sign up for the program, any time you buy something on the website, you can select a portion of your purchase to benefit Kitty Kottage.