Farmers went nuts for the Alabama-Florida Peanut Trade Show

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DOTHAN, Ala. (WTVY) -- More than 600 farmers and 60 exhibitors traveled to Dothan for the Alabama-Florida Peanut Trade Show.

"This is the way that the businesses and the farmers can get together in one central location. It's a good time of the year, sort of a down time for agriculture so we can all meet and learn a lot and share a lot of ideas," Carl Sanders, president of Alabama Peanut Producers said.

Producers were able to learn about the newest farming technology, services and operations for the 2020 season.

"We want to be supportive of the peanut industry and help any way we can and we want to be out there and representing LMC with our new product and leading the industry in new technology," Brandon Ellerbee, sales representative at LMC Ag.

Alabama farmers had a chance to reflect on last year's peanut season -

"We had too much rain at some point, too little rain at other points. We had some quality issues on the farm but all in all, we have something like that every year," Sanders said.

"Last year's peanut season was kind of mediocre, hoping this year is going to be a little better. It's kind of early in the year right now but we're hoping it'll be a better year this year," Ellerbee said.

For Florida farmers...

"Last peanut season was good for us, we made a good crop. Toward the end, we had some real drought conditions with 59 [days] without rain and the later planted peanut had some yield and quality problems but the first half of our crop was good," Ken Barton, peanut farmer/executive director of Florida Peanut Producers Association said.

For many, they are hopeful for this upcoming season - and thankful for a chance to connect...

"Those farmers to share with each other, hey this is working for me on my farm you should try that, it's helping them control some of these particular diseases or helping them increase my yield. It's just a good opportunity for farmers to network and take the good from each other and take it back to their farms," Barton said.

Farmers were able to gather information about the newest products and sale representatives will visit them to take orders if interested.

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