Farmers concern grows for peanut and cotton crops

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DOTHAN, AL. (WTVY) - As Hurricane Michael approaches, area farmers are concerned about their crops.
Many cotton and peanut crops are in the process of being harvested; so this is a critical time of the year for farmers.

This is why they've been working around the clock for the past two days trying to salvage what they can.
A big threat right now is if the power goes out.

"If we have power outages, then we have peanuts that are on the dryers. that can't be efficiently dried. Then we have peanuts that can be ruined, sitting there under the shed on the dryer, without the dryer actually running," said Certified Seed Vice President Jim Bostick.

As the track of Hurricane Michael pushes closer to the Wiregrass, both peanuts and cotton will likely face severe damage, especially for eastern parts of the Wiregrass.

Specifically, it's the wind we need to be concerned with for the cotton and the heavier rains for the peanuts.
Once the cotton touches the ground it's considered damaged since the machines can't collect it.

"We can only pick a small portion of the crop. For what these guys have planted it takes months for them to gather their crop. So when they heard the storm is coming in a day or two, they can only pick so much," said Wiregrass Research Center Director Larry Wells.

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