Farley Nuclear opens new Joint Information Center

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Headland, Ala (WTVY) - The new Joint Information Center for the Farley Nuclear Plant opened its doors to media in Headland today.

Though the old headquarters used to be in downtown Dothan, Farley Nuclear had the opportunity to purchase a new facility off Highway 431.

The new Headland location serves as a makeshift command center in the event of an emergency at the nuclear plant in Columbia.

If an emergency occurred at the nuclear plant, the joint information center acts a communication center for the public.

All nuclear plants are required to have a joint information center separate from the main facility.

"We really have a wonderful space here that we can work with at partners at the state level, at the local level, and at the federal level,” says Linda Brannon of Alabama Power. “We can all gather here to get out the most accurate and timely information as possible."

Farley Nuclear will be conducting their annual sirens test next month on Tuesday, December 5th.

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