Family trying to rebuild after losing everything to storm

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MADRID, Al. (WTVY) Members of one Wiregrass family are still trying to figure out where they're going to live after they lost everything when a severe thunderstorm destroyed their home in Madrid..

That's how Patty Sawyer describes the aftermath of Wednesday’s storm.

She says, "We're just happy to be alive. Just that brief second, you think your life could be over."

Patty and her son Al were inside the trailer when a severe thunderstorm rolled through, putting the home in the back yard.

"Just trying to put our lives back together."

She says it happened so fast.

"My son was calling for me, I seen light and he pulled me out and it was still raining really hard so we just ran away from the trailer."

she's living with family right now, but is looking for a new house.

"We are a little scared to live in a mobile home again, it was just a little too close, we want something a little more secure, it was tied down but you know.."

Patty is getting help from the American Red Cross, but at the end of the day, she’s happy no one was hurt.

"The rest of that stuff is replaceable, the kitchen stuff, the sofa, it's all replaceable."

The next step is the insurance; Patty rented the lot and the trailer, so they're waiting on the landlord to get everything in order so they can officially move on.

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