Visiting loved ones through the window

(WTVY News 4)
Published: Apr. 2, 2020 at 5:21 PM CDT
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The Coronavirus pandemic has affected our day to day routines, creating a new normal for everyone around the country. But one Dothan woman is not letting social distancing get in the way of what makes her smile.

A mother-daughter relationship is unlike any other and Lynn Cole knows that first-hand.

"One night she just grabbed my hand and she said honey she said I used to hold your hand when you were little and now you're holding mine and she said always please do that," Lynn Cole said.

Due to COVID-19, healthcare facilities across the country are restricting visitors but Westside Terrace has offered some alternatives for families to still spend time with their loved ones.

"Using facetime and doing the window visits and also having a lot of social media posts so that the families can stay in tuned to the activities and things going on inside the facility," Kristie Hughes, administrator at Westside Terrace said.

Something Lynn Cole doesn't take for granted.

"She does I love you to me all the time in the window. I mean that just makes my day, I may have a few tears but then it gives me joy that she has that smile and that she is doing well," Cole said.

From doing her moms hair and makeup every morning, to now seeing her only through a window -

"I pray everyday, that God gives us strength and that God cares and watches over my mom. Because there is a fear that something is going to happen to her and I have not been in to see her, hold her, touch her, and I'm afraid she may forget me you know with dimensia," Cole said.

Visits are becoming are becoming essential during this emotional reality.

"The residents are the same as everyone else, they love their family and they like to interact with their visitors so its very important for their psycho social well-being to be able to continue to have that contact," Hughes said.

As a way to brighten everyone's day.

"They don't understand what Coronavirus is, they just know they can't see us and we cant touch them or hold them, kiss them, love them but if they can see us through the window it just brings so much joy and radiates over my moms face whenever she can see me," Cole said.