Falling Waters State Park gets back up after the storm

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CHIPLEY, Fla. (WTVY) -- Hurricane Michael hit Washington County hard, even state parks saw devastation. People are getting one of those ready for a big music festival, this weekend.

Falling Waters State Park lost trees and buildings and had to shut down after the storm. Now, months later things are looking up.

In October, a magnolia tree was blocking the waterfall, there were destroyed walkways and the observation deck and playground also shut down.

But now - "With the recovery and repairs we have going on, I feel like we are going in the right direction in putting the park back together," said Aaron Miller, Park manager.

That's exactly what a new accessible walkway will do -

"It will be a big improvement here at Falling Waters," said Miller.

Alexandria Brown is a Chipley native and sees the park as an escape from home.

"I think it's a good thing I know when Hurricane Michael hit it was bad for everybody, everybody lost everything,” said Brown.

Something not lost, the park's abundant source of wiregrass and trees.

"This is what Florida use to be, and we want to continue to show that to people," said Miller.

Miller tells us most of the cleanup and additions will be finished by summer.

"We are about protecting resources, but at the same time we want to share it," said Miller.

So it's all ready for Rock the Falls Music Festival this Saturday. Performances begin at 10 am.

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