FSU students react to suspension all fraternities, sororities in wake of student's death

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TALLAHASSEE, FL -- (WTVY) Florida State students have mixed reactions to the University's decision to suspend all Greek activity.
Members of the Greek community have been asked not to speak to the media. But non-Greek students are voicing their opinions.

"It's understandable because they just want to keep everybody safe, but it really wasn't the fault of all the other fraternities," said FSU student Jackson Parker, "Maybe the one should have just had a little better care for what they were doing, but all the other ones I don't think should be punished for that."

And other students seem to agree. Most that WCTV spoke to said they think certain chapters deserve sanctions, but not Greek life as a whole.

"I think it could be a little bit of a wake up call to spread awareness that they need to take precautions on what's happening," said FSU student Alexis Pippin, "But I do think that it's a little unfair to punish everyone."

But the University is sticking with its decision.

"If we just pick and choose one or two and say these are the good guys and these are the not so good, then I don't think we've accomplished anything," said FSU President John Thrasher, "I think we can get a better solution by having everyone at the table, talking about how we can correct this."

President Thrasher says that he is clearly trying to send a message, and until the entire Greek community can come together to find a solution, they will remain under suspension.

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