FSU students create map of kindness to spread positivity during pandemic

Published: Apr. 27, 2020 at 11:12 AM CDT
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Two students at Florida State University are sharing positivity with a world negatively impacted by Covid-19.

Students Gabby Cintron and Vinita Akula, from the FSU College of Medicine, have created the website "Kindness Amid the Coronavirus"

The new site is dedicated to tracking stories of kindness from around the globe.

"So, we kind of had this idea of how can we create this centralized location where we can start seeing more good news?" shares Akula.

"From our computer screen we hope to help inspire that kindness," says Akula. "To help encourage people to take action and to show that they can do kind things just from their home."

The kindness tracking map mirrors the Johns Hopkins University coronavirus tracking map.

"Seeing the Johns Hopkins map that has just the data points to show what's going on with the virus," explains Cintron. "Just being able to see a map like that and see the mirroring and say, 'Ok, there's alot of bad that's spreading but there's also alot of good as a result.'"

The pair share that they are happy with the response to the website.

"It's honestly just been really nice to see that people appreciate it and are using it and actually see the positive impact," says Akula, with a smile.

"People tend to be kind to their own group, right? We do good acts for our own groups. But, however, in times of crisis, our group widens. And this is a global pandemic, so really, our group is global."

The creators hope the map will encourage people to be kind, even after this pandemic is over.

"That idea of spreading kindness should never be just because we're in a time of crisis. It should be an everyday thing."

After going live on April 13th, the map already has submissions from the United States, Africa, Australia, Europe and Canada.

To see the map and submit your own story of kindness, visit

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