Extras needed for ‘Son of the South’ movie filming in Montgomery

'Son of the South' movie production near Montgomery City Hall. (Source: WSFA)
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MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - A casting call for extras is being put out by producers of a movie currently being filmed in Montgomery.

Casting directors for "Son of the South” are asking those who would like to appear as extras in the movie to quickly send their contact information.

Thursday is a very important scene in the movie’s sequence. It’s “the all-important standoff between Huntingdon students and the Klan in 1961,” producers said, and will be filmed in Tuskegee.

The production needs white male and female extras “who can reasonably look college age.” Those selected will need to respond to the call with their name, a contact phone number, their clothing sizes, and a closeup and full body photo.

The email to contact if you’re interested is sotsextras@yahoo.com.

Those who are selected will be needed for filming over the next four weeks.

Due to privacy and security of the filming, only those who are booked will get the location information, though producers say it will be filmed in the city of Montgomery.

The movie is based on the screen play written and directed by Montgomery native Barry Alexander Brown. The movie is set in 1961 and is based on Bob Zellner’s book “The Wrong Side Of Murder Creek.” Zellner was the grandson of a Klansman who found himself part of the Civil Rights movement.

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