Exotic animals visiting National Peanut Festival

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DOTHAN, Ala. (WTVY) -- The National Peanut Festival is known for the food and rides, but it also gives the chance to educate festival goers on endangered animals.

Miniature Scottish Highland Cow at Eudora Farms

Eudora Farms has been coming to the National Peanut Festival for more than five years.

Owner Mark Nisbet has been interested in animals since he was a young child living in an apartment; now he has more than 200 acres where many of his animals roam free.

"It's just always been a passion and to have a bigger area and, so we've been blessed to have that opportunity and now we are able to share a lot of these animals with other people," said Eudora Farms Owner Mark Nisbet.

The farm brings animals whose natural habitats are outside of the United States.

"It gives us an opportunity to share a lot of animals that we bring that are on the endangered list and fairly rare and it gives people an opportunity to interact and educate and to learn some interesting things about them," said Nisbet.

Although these animals are native to different parts of the world, none that Eudora Farms raise are from foreign lands.

"All of our animals are born here in captivity in the United States and none are taken from the wild," said Nisbet.

It's also a chance to educate the public.

"We try to give people number one get to see them up close and hopefully they can see and appreciate their beauty," said Nisbet. "It's one thing to see them on television or even at a zoo. This, they're getting right up close and able to see them closely."

Nisbet's goal is for people to leave more educated on these animals and hopefully find ways to help protect wildlife.

You will be able to see these animals starting tomorrow when the National Peanut Festival opens.

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