Exhibition brings out dog trainers across the region

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DOTHAN, AL (WTVY) The Southeast Alabama Kennel Club hosted a dog match with more than 2 dozen trainers in attendance with their four legged friends.

This type of exhibition is done to get the dogs and their owners ready for larger scale shows, and show off to a small crowd.

For Helen Hovanic and her dog Francesca, it comes down to standing out with her breed.

She says "There are only two Pumies in the state of Alabama, and she was the first Pumie puppy to come into Alabama".

Miranda Godwin owns two German Shepards undergoing training as therapy dogs, and she wants to see more dog owners come out with their pets.

She said "I would just recommend that people start coming to local events, and going around and getting their dogs out, and training is a very important part of owning a dog."

It's small exhibitions like this that not only allow dog trainers to practice, but teach their partners a few things about obedience.

Elizebeth Whetstone and her Rottweiler, Rolfi traveled from Tallahassee for obedience training.

Whetstone has been breeding rottweilers for nearly 20 years, and can't stress enough how important it is that all dogs, not just those in show, be trained.

Whetstone says "Just because a dog's butt can hit the floor, it doesn't mean he knows sit...But it's really important to get your dog trained. Little dogs, big dogs, it doesn't matter, you'll be much happier."

The Southeast Alabama Kennel Club offers basic obedience classes in both the Spring and the Fall.

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