Escape Enterprise offering new experience to social distance

 Boll Weevil monument in Downtown Enterprise
Boll Weevil monument in Downtown Enterprise (WTVY News 4)
Published: Jun. 17, 2020 at 4:47 PM CDT
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Need something fun to do while staying socially distanced? Escape Enterprise might just have it.

Escape Enterprise is open but has a new feature.

"Partner with the ClueKeeper guys to create our own version, our own app around Enterprise in order to give people something to go out and do but still maintain the quarantine rules," said Escape Enterprise owner Aaron Johnson.

The app takes you around certain parts of town, but a game is not all you are doing.

"When you went somewhere we wanted to teach you something about Enterprise, so it's not just a go here see this, it's a go here we've created a puzzle using the murals or statues or whatever else is there," Johnson explained.

Once you have downloaded the app and entered the code, your GPS will take you to Downtown Enterprise, where you'll start at the Boll Weevil Monument.

"People really like the fact that it has historical ties to it and that we've made some sort of game out of it and a puzzle as they get there," Johnson added.

Escape Enterprise has spent more than 40-man hours creating puzzles and places to take you, but they are not done yet.

"We are developing a couple more that are more eccentric towards parts of Enterprise." Johnson continued. "Some are in conjunction with parks and rec; they've asked us to do some stuff for them and then the chamber and the tourism department have all asked us ‘hey can you develop these things for us as well because we would like to use that platform to show people this part of Enterprise.’"

These are all games you can do whenever you want.

"You just have to go to the ClueKeeper app and there will be a link through our website and you purchase it right there and you can go do it then or you can wait three or four days whatever, but you can do it as a group of people you can play it on six phones at one time per group," Johnson said.

It is all about getting the family or friends out of the house.

" give something for them to do that is entertainment for the whole family to be able to do at one time as opposed to sitting in front of a phone or a TV screen you know that's our goal is to bring you here and let you communicate with each other and team build," Johnson finished.

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