Enterprise woman hears from family in Puerto Rico

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Enterprise, AL (WTVY) - An Enterprise woman who we spoke to last week has finally heard from some of her family members in Puerto Rico.

Two days ago, she was told that her 12-year-old son is okay, but is still waiting to hear about her husband's family in the wake of Hurricane Maria.

Conditions are still dire in Puerto Rico. In addition to no drinking water on the island, some places are now estimated to be without power for over a year.

Sasha says she has heard that supplies have been delivered to the island, but they are just sitting in San Juan, because there are no truck drivers on-site to deliver them.

Sasha says her only comfort is that her son is okay, though he still misses his mom.

"He's a little bit desperate. He goes every single day down to the post office with a different letter to try to mail it out to me to let me know that he's okay,” says Sasha, office manager at Car-Mart in Enterprise. “I really want to bring my kids here. And do anything I can do to bring them here and provide them with a better life until the situation in Puerto Rico clears."

Sasha says Delta Airlines will let her family take over 100 pounds of water to Puerto Rico on their flight over, free of charge. And Car-Mart is trying to finance their plane tickets.

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