Enterprise voters have spoken

New York Mayor Bill de Blasio has announced a ban of alcohol advertising on city property. / (MGN)

ENTERPRISE, Ala. (WTVY) -- Businesses can soon expect to begin selling alcohol on Sundays.
WTVY's Carmen Fuentes found out what people are expecting from the new law.

The people he spoke with tell him the sale of alcohol on Sunday is good for the city of Enterprise.

"I'm excited to see what this brings for us on Sundays,” said Mellow Mushroom General Manager Lisa Evans.

Evans says that she hopes to see more foot traffic.

"It just means more business for us on Sundays. Hopefully bigger crowds once football starts going."

Enterprise Communication Director, Jason Wright believes businesses will see a
positive impact.

He says "it will generate additional revenue on Sundays for the businesses that do sell alcohol."

And those that don't sell alcohol should not be worried.

"For the ones that sell it, it will affect them in a positive manner. For the ones that don't it won't affect them much at all,” Wright said.

Executive Director for the Enterprise Chamber of Commerce, Erin Grantham is optimistic this change will provide more opportunities.

She says "being able to offer as an amenity will draw attraction from those businesses that require that for their business models."

No longer will residents have to travel away from the city to have a drink on Sundays.

Lisa Evans says "I think it's going to keep a lot more people in Enterprise because Dothan and Dale County, they already do it. So it's keeping our money here in Enterprise."

The Enterprise City Council will hold a meeting on August 22nd to discuss a possible date to begin the sale of alcohol.

Residents can expect the announcement of the start date soon after that meeting later this month.