Enterprise teacher visits Facebook headquarters

Published: Sep. 2, 2019 at 3:27 PM CDT
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How cool is your teacher? Enterprise high school's Jamie Key may be cooler.

Only 100 teachers nationwide attended the Advanced Placement Computer Science National Teacher Summit in California. One of them was Jamie Key.

“Anybody needs to know what their career choice is going to be should have some computer knowledge.

Social media skills also a must,” says computer science teacher Jamie Key.

Ms. Key learned from a panel Facebook interns.

“That was the most beneficial part because I could learn about what skills they need out there in the industry that I could share with my students,” says Key.

After returning to Enterprise last month she shared her gained knowledge with students.

“It just really showed me that computer science is just in a lot of different categories. There's not just one set path,” says Key’s student Tra Reynolds.

Students say diverse career paths are important.

“Engineering and aerospace... things like that there are a lot of men than women but in computer science, the ratio is getting more and more fair,” says Key’s student Jennifer Ha.

Key believes computer science teachers should jump at opportunities as she had.

“Getting that real-world knowledge... hearing from people in the industry I think is very beneficial for anyone,” says Key.

Key teaches computer science and other classes at Enterprise Career and Technology Center.

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