Enterprise seniors and retirees rock it and roll it at senior living expo

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ENTERPRISE, AL. (WTVY) - Having moved around from city to city...

Dawn Johnson, ambassador for Enterprise Chamber of Commerce, says "We were a military family and we raised our children. We're here often, came back and forth...and we knew people from over 30 years being back and forth."

Enterprise is where Scotty and Dawn Johnson now call home.

Scotty Johnson, ambassador for Enterprise Chamber of Commerce, says "We love the Southeast. All the kids around here...the grandkids and the great grandkids are here."

"My doctor was still here, my church was still here, and my friends were still here," says Dawn Johnson.

The Enterprise Chamber of Commerce Retiree Committee came up with the idea to host this fifties-style senior living expo so people like the Johnsons' could come together to relax, have fun, play games, and have fellowship.

Jennifer Hattery, assistant director for Enterprise Chamber of Commerce, says "Well we were thinking of something that would really get our seniors in the area excited and we automatically kind of came to this and the sock hop and the soda shop, and there's just so many fun things that have to do with this era so it seemed like a no brainer and I think everyone is enjoying it."

Scotty and Dawn even brought their own 50’s memory.

"And the thing was when I went off to the army in '66...we needed some money. And while I was gone, she sold the car," says Scotty Johnson.

"I sold it in 1966 for $50 and about fifteen years ago, I surprised him with another car pretty...it's better than what we had and that was a special gift to my husband for me apologizing for selling his car," says Dawn Johnson.

Events such as this one serves to bring businesses and people together.

Erin Grantham, executive director for Enterprise Chamber of Commerce, says "This event in particular, our senior citizens and retirees are very prevalent in Enterprise so it's kind of like an appreciation day as well...lots of free fun for them and lots of ways for them to get out of the house and just have some active things to do."

If you missed the senior living expo…don't worry, there is another chance for you to join in on the fun next month.

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