Enterprise prepares for Boll Weevil Monument's 100th birthday

(WTVY News 4)
Published: Dec. 10, 2019 at 11:55 PM CST
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Enterprise is getting ready for a city-wide birthday party.

The Boll Weevil Monument turns 100 this year, and the city will spend the whole day celebrating.

The Boll Weevil Monument is the only statue of an agricultural pest in the world.

As fun as that fact is, the purpose is to showcase the Enterprise farmers' ability to adapt to and overcome the boll weevil.

The monument is now 100, but it didn't always have the famous, or infamous, boll weevil.

"He was talking about why there wasn't a boll weevil for The Boll Weevil Monument. It was a boll weevil monument, and it didn't have any boll weevils on it,” said R.J. Baker, the oldest grandson of Luther Baker.

When The Boll Weevil Monument was erected in 1919, it merely featured a Greek-style woman.

It wasn't until 1948 when R.J. Baker's grandfather, Luther Baker, took it upon himself to add the now famous boll weevil.

Believe it or not, Luther couldn't find a boll weevil statue anywhere, so he studied an actual boll weevil to get the details just right before making it himself.

"There was one microscope in Enterprise,” said Baker. “He borrowed that from the doctor and used it at night. It took him six months to carve the mold."

Luther's boll weevil was stolen in 1953, and has since been replaced multiple times.

As far as R.J. is concerned, the statue, and its 100th anniversary, is a valuable part of the baker family history.

"I wish he could have been around to see it,” said Baker.

The whole city will have the chance to be around to see the centennial celebration of the boll weevil.

Events will be going on all day and all night long Wednesday to acknowledge the city's most famous statue.

"We hope that this re-dedication ceremony will renew everyone's spirit about the message about the boll weevil monument, and if you haven't heard the message before, you're going to hear it for the first time,” said City of Enterprise Tourism Director Tammy Doerer.

The city will be live streaming the re-dedication ceremony on the Enterprise-100 Facebook page.

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