Enterprise looking at whether the recycling program is worth it

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ENTERPRISE, Ala. (WTVY) -- How much good are we doing and what does it cost?

That’s the question Enterprise leaders are asking as they keep seeing their recycling program go downhill.

Public works director Michael Walters says, "Why are we recycling? What is the economic and environmental benefit? Is there a better way to do it?"

Enterprise has been recycling since the 1990s but recently, they've seen their cost go up, and revenues plummet.

"How much good are we doing for the environment and at what cost?"

District 5 city councilman Tucker Townsend brought the issue before the council asking, is the more than $400,000 a year it costs to have a recycling program worth what's being collected.

Walters said, "There isn't a lot of money coming in, there is actually none coming to the city."

Coffee County gets about $40,000 from the program.

So, what’s the solution?

Right now, they're weighing several options -- keep the program the same, add more trucks and pick up every other week, add drop off locations, or just kill the program all together.

And that's where you will come in.

They want to plan a town hall meeting to get the community's take on the situation but a time and a place hasn’t been decided.

The public works director discourages recycling plastic.

He says it's not really cost-effective.

Paper, cardboard boxes, or aluminum cans are money makers when it comes to recycling.

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