Enterprise introduces new city-wide art project featuring boll weevils

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ENTERPRISE, Ala. (WTVY) - Dothan has peanut statues, Pensacola has pelicans and now Enterprise will feature its own statues scattered around the town.

The city unveiled four new boll weevil statues at The Enterprise Civic Center Thursday night.

They’ve been working with Replica Plastics in Dothan, the company that does the peanuts around town, for several months.

They thought the 100th anniversary of the monument in downtown was the perfect time to show what they've been working on.

"Enterprise has so much to offer, but this is going to be one more thing to add to the mix to get people to come out and enjoy such a wonderful city,” said Addison Paul of Yancey Parkers Clothing. “We have so much to offer here."

Addison Paul and Melissa Parker-Paul run Yancey Parkers, a clothing store that's been in business for 70 years in Enterprise.

When they heard the city's plan to spread statues of the famed boll weevil around town, they wanted to be the first ones to participate.

"With Yancey Parkers, with it being clothing, we know it's going to be a clothing aspect to it,” said Paul. “Whether a man or a woman, we don't know because we have both, but at the same time it's probably going to have some sort of clothing, or maybe a hat - top hat. We'll see."

The city unveiled the first four statues, for the police and fire departments, the farmers market and one for the city itself.

The boll weevil may just be a pest that eats cotton to most people, but it means a lot more than that to the city of Enterprise.

"The message that our boll weevil represents to us is that our city triumphed over adversity, so we're really proud about the message,” said Enterprise Tourism Director Tammy Doerer. “Yes, it seems a little funny about the bug, but you've got to embrace what's yours."

For the unveiling event, the city invited local businesses to come and have some of their products on display for everyone who came to see what the bugs were going to look like.

As for Addison and Melissa, they can't wait to see the boll weevils spread all around town.

"You know, we have so much that will bring people in, but this will be one more thing that will help our area,” said Paul.

Once the city has enough of these statues, the plan is to add a self-guided tour of the Boll Weevil Trail as an additional tourist attraction.

If you’d like to purchase a boll weevil for your business, you can find information on Replica Plastics website:


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