Enterprise High School looking to expand

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ENTERPRISE, Ala. (WTVY) -- Enterprise High School is looking to expand to another building in the City of Progress to help control the size of the student body.

At more than 2,000 students, Enterprise High School is one of the most populous in Alabama.

Leaders at the high school and the Enterprise Board of Education have been looking to move some classes to another site to prevent overcrowding at the main campus.

They're eyeing College Street Elementary, a historical school that was shut down in 2015 after more than 90 years as a satellite campus.

Enterprise Superintendent Greg Faught told us, "There's always been an interest in College Street Elementary. What we didn't count on was gaining or growing by 617 or 620 students within our school system."

For the high school's principal, Brent Harrison, expanding to another site is becoming more of a necessity, not just for the students, but also teachers.

Harrison said, "Even though our facility is very large here, we are running out of space, and we're always looking to add more programs so it poses a big problem for us"

Should the Board of Education get approval to use the historical site, the school could be up and running again as early as the start of the 2018 school year and alleviate Enterprise High's potential overcrowding.

"We're probably approaching max capacity at this school. We have roughly 10 teachers that float, who don't have actual classrooms of their own," said Principal Harrison.

Faught says, "The availability of the school for us would be a natural fit if we are able to acquire it."

The Board of Education will meet with Enterprise city leaders this Monday to hopefully get approval to use College Street Elementary.

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